pandas dataframe, copy by value

I noticed a bug in my program and the reason it is happening is because it seems that pandas is copying by reference a pandas dataframe instead of by value. I know immutable objects will always be passed by reference but pandas dataframe is

Array index out of bound in C

Why does C differentiates in case of array index out of bound#include int main(){ int a[10]; a[3]=4; a[11]=3;//does not give segmentation fault a[25]=4;//does not give segmentation fault a[20000]=3; //gives segmentat

How to get POSTed json in Flask?

I'm trying to build a simple API using Flask, in which I now want to read some POSTed JSON. I do the post with the PostMan Chrome extension, and the JSON I post is simply {"text":"lalala"}. I try to read the JSON using the following method:

What's the difference between “.equals” and “==”? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: What is the difference between == vs equals() in Java? 23 answers I switched lecturers today and he stated us

Broadcast receiver for checking internet connection in android app

I am developing an android broadcast receiver for checking internet connection.The problem is that my broadcast receiver is being called two times. I want it to get called only when the network is available. If it is unavailable, I don't wa

Send values from one form to another form

I want to pass values between two Forms (c#). How can I do it?I have two forms: Form1 and Form2. Form1 contains one button. When I click on that button, Form2 should open and Form1 should be in inactive mode (i.e not selectable).Form2 conta

What is the type of string literals in C and C++?

What is the type of string literal in C? Is it char * or const char * or const char * const?What about C++? 1:In C the type of a string literal is a char[] - it's not const according to the type, but it is undefined behavior to modify th

Automating the InvokeRequired code pattern

I have become painfully aware of just how often one needs to write the following code pattern in event-driven GUI code, whereprivate void DoGUISwitch() { // cruisin for a bruisin' through exception city object1.Visible = true; obje

Can I have an onclick effect in CSS?

I have an image element that I want to change on click./*This works:*/ #btnLeft:hover { width:70px; height:74px; }/*But what I need is:*/ #btnLeft:onclick { width:70px; height:74px; } But, it do

Initialize class fields in constructor or at declaration?

I've been programming in C# and Java recently and I am curious where the best place is to initialize my class fields.Should I do it at declaration?:public class Dice{ private int topFace = 1; private Random myRand = new Random(); p

How to properly compare two Integers in Java?

I know that if you compare a boxed primitive Integer with a constant such as:Integer a = 4;if (a < 5)a will automatically be unboxed and the comparison will work.However, what happens when you are comparing two boxed Integers and want to co

How to allow remote connection to mysql

I have installed MySQL Community Edition 5.5 on my local machine and I want to allow remote connections so that I can connect from external source.How can I do that? 1:That is allowed by default on MySQL.What is disabled by default is re

How to break out of multiple loops in Python?

Given the following code (that doesn't work):while True: #snip: print out current state while True: ok = get_input("Is this ok? (y/n)") if ok == "y" or ok == "Y": break 2 #this doesn't work :( if ok == "n" or ok =

How to determine the current iPhone/device model?

Is there a way to get the device model name (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, etc) in Swift?I know there is a property named UIDevice.currentDevice().model but it only returns device type (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, iPhone Simulator, etc).I a

Android global variable

How can I create global variable keep remain values around the life cycle of the application regardless which activity running.. 1:You can extend the base class and add member variables like so:public class MyAppl

Ruby ampersand colon shortcut [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What does map(&:name) mean in Ruby? In Ruby, I know that if I do:some_objects.each(&:foo)It's the same assome_objects.each { |obj| }That is, &:foo creates the block { |obj| }, turns it into a Proc, and

How can I send emails from my Android application?

I am writing an application for Android. How can I send an email from it? 1:The best (and easiest) way is to use an Intent:Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEND);i.setType("message/rfc822");i.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_EMAIL , new String[

Why does an image captured using camera intent gets rotated on some devices on Android?

I'm capturing an image and setting it to image view.public void captureImage() { Intent intentCamera = new Intent(""); File filePhoto = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), "Pic.jpg");

Creating a byte array from a stream

What is the prefered method for creating a byte array from an input stream? Here is my current solution with .NET 3.5. Stream s;byte[] b;using (BinaryReader br = new BinaryReader(s)){ b = br.ReadBytes((int)s.Length);}Is it still a better